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I don't know if anyone's seen this but the HOYS project (Hunting Outbursting Young Stars) has got time on the Las Cumbres Observatory telescopes and is sharing it out with amateurs to work on the project.

It's really aimed at people who wouldn't normally get involved because they don't have the right equipment, or people who might want to get involved in the project in the future. It's Citizen Science with a telescope. Anyway details are here:


I've been contributing to the project for a few years now and I think it's a great project for amateurs to be part of.




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I found this talk by Dirk (head of project) very interesting and a good introduction to what it’s about. I think they’re mainly hoping to get imagers to donate data to the project but anyone can get involved in the data analysis or having a go setting up and capturing images from the LCO 40cm scopes if you don’t have an ap setup.

Its early days for me and I wish i could contribute more but it’s fun so far and a pretty amazing project- searching for young stars and their planet forming accretion  disks. The video isn’t at all boring and worth a look if you’re interested in that kind of stuff


This is my first capture from the LCO- IC5146 Cocoon nebula. its a rough composite of RGB and nothing special to look at but they aren't going for pretty pictures- they're only really interested in relative star brightness and changes over time.


Markse IC5146 Cocoon Neb 1st capture.jpg

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