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Replacement battery for Skywatcher 12v 17Ah power tank


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My SW 12v 17Ah power tank has been locked in a barn for 5 months waiting for me to escape lockdown and come and recharge it.  Having arrived a couple of days ago I was too late.  The poor little devil had upped and died on me.  From a number of old posts here and on CN I see that people have replaced the original lead/acid battery at low cost with some success.  Has anyone done this recently and what battery was chosen, please?

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I'd guess it'll be a battery with posts, but for my UPS's I used these tho not sourced from them as I got mine way cheaper elsewhere luckily

Tho I expect this one would also do the job

Other's with the power tank may have alternates but it's likely to be a standard form factor battery they used.


I note that Yuasa do a 22AH battery too, same dimensions but higher price, tho might be worth a look given that's an extra 5Ah capacity


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