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Hubble - last night on BBC4


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Watched everything from 8 to midnight with my girlfriend and she loved it, she's even considering trying to persuade her son (not mine) to dump trainspotting and move to astronomy, he's only 8.

We both found it very informative, baffling in places tho.

Hope to see more stuff like it this year, just hope the BBC can schedule programs to coincide with cloudy nights :hello2:

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Don't often watch T.V , that's the wife and daughters domain. But I sat down and watched BBC4s astronomy night, and enjoyed it all, :D why can't we have more programmes about astronomy on TV :hello2:

clear night skies to you all

phillc :wave:

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what I found curious about the whole edifice was the last segment on amateur astronomy seemed to be a M Mobberly benefit. We were told there are some 40,000 amateurs in the UK, where were they all? How come nobody interviewed me or anyone that I know? Why were only two or three amateurs set-ups shown? Why did we see no amateur efforts on DSO's?

I think the whole thing must have been a cut and shut job from previous editions of Sky at Night, that's how you can do it on the cheap.


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I thought the "Timeshift - Starmen" program that was on afterwards was great as well, I'd seen it before but it stood another watch very well. Stuff like that always makes me want an observatory!!!

I agree, some very impressive setups.

I'm considering an Observatory this year, setting up my scope is bugging me already and only been involved with astronomy a few months

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Out of interest, is Hubble big enough to see going over? Does any site have the tracking info??

Sorry, HST has an inclination of 28° so it never rises over the horizon as seen from the UK. :hello2:

You need to travel as far south as North Africa to see it...better still Florida.

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