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automated panorama/wide field.


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Hi SGL forum.

I currently have a HEQ5 Pro mount which I am just about to attach an Astroberry to for normal astro pics etc. 

However I am really interested in sticking a normal camera and wideish lens to do some wide field panoramic milky way shots and stitch them together. 

So mt question is have any of you ever seen anything that will drive the mount to do a patchwork of shots automatically?


sky stitch mount.jpg

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Hi there,

There's a popular control system for equatorial mounts called EQMOD. This software is full of useful tools, including a 'Mosaic GoTo' mode. This will be perfect for wide field shots of large nebulae, the moon and the milky way. There's a great many guides on EQMOD, both on their website and here on SGL, that will give you info on how to use the software and its tools.

Here's the link for more info: http://eq-mod.sourceforge.net/mosindex.html

HTH, Josh :) 

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Sequence Generator Pro can automate this for for.

It has a mosaic planning tool, you set up your mosaic and it creates a set of targets for you. It slews to the first target, takes a shot, plate solves it and adjusts the mount until dead on where it should be. It then takes any number of exposures you want then moves onto the next target, plate solves etc etc.

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