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Comet Neowise is putting on a very good just before dawn at the moment. It looked wonderful in my 15X70 Binoculars this morning. A very very easy spot just below and to the East of the constellation o

It was clear all day yesterday, and the forecast was for mainly clear all night, so, at 11:00 pm, I set up scope for a visual session with Jupiter and Saturn before bed. By the time I was ready to ali

I had a stunning view of Comet Neowise this morning from 3.15 onwards. It was an easy naked eye sight in crisp clear conditions. In 10x50s it was just spectacular -  the nucleus sparkling and breathta

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Had a few sightings of the comet in my Helios LightQuest 16x80 bins in the last few days. It is fading quite fast. Three nights ago I estimated the coma as distinctly brighter than M3, and the visible tail spanned almost the entire FOV, two nights ago the coma was no brighter than M3, and the tail seemed shorter. Yesterday I couldn't get a very good view, but still picked it up easily. Hope to have another go tonight. 

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I had a brief look at the comet last night in 10x50s between the clouds. It was brighter than I thought it might have been, and in comparison with M3 I felt it was as bright. It's still a  good binocular object.



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Had a brief peek on August 12, and could just make it out in my 16x80 bins. My last photograph was from August 7, in which is was a faint shadow of its former self.


It is curious to think that given its orbital period, it might have been spotted around 4800 BC in Neolithic times here in Europe

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