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Bizarre tennis racket rotation :D

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Bizarre tennis racket rotation - Thought it might be eye-catching here? 🥳

But an interesting one!?!? Those old Classical Mechanics-ists knew their
stuff... Was reminded of some "hallowed terms" like Landau & Lifshitz! 😛

Whatever the conclusion, nice to see some references! The "Asteriod
One" is worth a glance? NPA (non-principal axis) rotators. TUMBLING
as a meaningful concept... "Weirdly shaped" Astronomical bodies etc. 😎

Aside: I note one question (wonder myself) about the need for some
"initial perturbation" - to cause such things? Spontaneous symmetry
breaking is quickly referenced / assumed in QM. Should the classical
analogues show it:  "Perfect" Pencils should balance on their points? 🤔


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Fascinating video, especially the effects of it in space. It's not something I'd heard of before and even as an occaisonal juggler I'd not really take much notice of when throwing anything of that fits that set of rules. Tried it tonight with the nearest equivalent, an electric fly swat, and it seems almost impossible to throw so that it rotates just around that axis

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I think someone might have posted about this a few months back and I (also an occasional juggler) had never noticed it either.  The footage of it happening in space is quite mind-bending :)


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