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ASI 1600 mm fan stopped...

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So last week I noticed that my ASI1600 mm pro's fan has stopped. The odd thing is that it still cools, just not as well as it used to (it can get about 17deg below ambient). I feel like it is a software issue as it doesn't seem to be damaged, but I've tried a couple things like restarting the computer and nothing has helped. I'm using SGP for capture.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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The fan removes the heat generated by the Peltier cooler so you will get some cooling even if the fan isn’t running, just not as much.

Should be a straightforward job to replace the fan, just ensure it is the same spec.

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Thanks everyone!

6 hours ago, johnoelliott said:

Sounds like the fan just died.

I believe they are fairly easy to replace.

Either from ASI or Amazon as long as you order the correct size.

I've inspected it and I believe this is the case. It has the specs on it so hopefully I'll be able to get it from Amazon.

5 hours ago, Laurin Dave said:

A spiders web stopped mine... a quick clean and all was well... maybe the same issue, does it spin if you blow on it ?  mine didn’t until cleaned 

I was hoping this was it, but mine still moves, so it's likely dead.

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I replaced the fan and it is working excellently:) Now I can finish some projects.

Here is the Amazon link to it in case anyone in the future needs it (I found this link in a Cloudynights post and it's the one I ordered). 


It is the correct fan for ASI1600mm-Pro.

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