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Laser bracket fixing


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Hi all,

I've been away forever since starting my new job, but at last seem to have a little more time on my hands - and seeing as I've moved to a spot in the middle of nowhere have managed to dust off my 10" dob which has been sulking in a corner since I bought it last year.

Anyway, I purchased a laser & bracket back in the mists of time, which fell off the moment it got cold - I'd used the double sided sticky pads that came with it.

I want to fix it to the scope again - its a skywatcher with a metal tube. Thing is, I'm too chicken to strip it down, drill holes and reassemble it - I'm a cackhanded git at the best of times, and I can see something bad happening.

I was thinking about using some adhesive - araldite or "no more nails". I wondered if anyone else has done similar to fix bits to thier scopes and which would be the best for the job if I went this route?

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If you get the double sided tape rated for fixing mirrors to the wall, wipe the tube area with the wife's nail polish remover or isopropyl alcohol; it holds mine on the ED80 like S$%^t to a blanket!! Never moved in over a year.

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Thanks for the replies everyone - I bought some mirror hanging pads from b&q - seems to have done the job ok, but yet to see them get cold (although they seem better than the ones that came with the bracket).

While I was at b&q, I grabbed some pipe lagging and lagged the laser in three sections inside the bracket - the laser always seems to lose power in the cold (i assume it's the batteries). I cut a small hole in the side so I can still press the button.

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