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Hi guys,

I've literally just signed up so I'm totally new here and excited to learn from all you professional astromaster... 

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post so I do apologise if not... 

I'm after a skywatcher eq3 pro goto mount for my celestron astromaster 130eq every website i go on they are out of stock and not available for a couple of months 🙄 does anybody know a stockist that has these in stock? I've only been in the astrophotography hobby 4 weeks so I've got lots to learn... 


Thank you for your help 

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Hi Batesy82,

Welcome to the forum !
I'm afraid I don't know if anyone has them in stock.

Astro retailers often do not keep many large items (like mounts) in stock and they are often shipped direct from the manufacturer/ distributers warehouse. I believe the Skywatcher warehouse is pretty empty at the moment (due to increased demand and shipping problems due to COVID) 

If you find the eq3 it would be best to phone the dealer direct and check they do actually have one in stock.

Best of Luck,


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Have you considered getting the manual mount and the goto upgrade separately as it gives you a bit more flexibility.

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Posted (edited)

Seen a few on Bristol cameras and rother Valley website if it helps you

Edited by LeeHore7

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      Hey everyone, I just purchased my first refractor telescope but I have no idea where to get started, let’s get right into what my problem is. I purchased a Celestron C4-R; model number 21016; this came with a bunch of little pieces that I don’t know what they do, it’s a refractor telescope. I have the star diagonal but I don’t know where to attach it. I just want to know what I have to do to have it ready to be used thank you I would like help asap thank you👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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      I'm matt from the UK, essex to be more accurate. I had a skywatcher 150p around 8 years ago and had some amazing moments with it, Jupiter being one of the highlights despite the 150p's declination towards DSO's. Unfortunately due to some financial problems at the time I had to sell it. Astronomy was a hobby I locked away to a quiet corner of my brain until my very wise other half helped me realise how much I missed it. 
      We have just bought a skywatcher 150pds as i want to focus on astrophotography this time. Its currently on a eq3 pro mount with synscan. Not the ideal mount, i plan to upgrade to the heq5 as soon as possible, but its perfect for me to learn and practise on. 
      We bought the scope and mount second hand in an amazing deal, coming with the coma corrector, all 3 sky panorama uwa lenses, the canon t ring adaptors and a clubman flight case for £700. Everything in perfect condition, although the mount has some stickiness and i think maybe some binding in the gears, so I plan to strip it down, de and regrease and reassemble as soon as possible.
      Have only had the opportunity for a couple of hours viewing so far, during which I very unsuccessfully attempted to polar align and then 2 star align the mount, but loved seeing it slew. I did get some amazing manual visual observation on the moon, but was surprised that despite my previous experience with a very similar scope just how much I don't know. Am very eager to learn as much as I can and am very excited to be back in the hobby, as you can probably tell from my extracted and probably boring welcome message.
      Anyone with any experience of this scope or mount with any tips or little known tweaks I would be exceptionally grateful for any advice. Or any tips in regards to polar aligning and star aligning, especially in a class 6 bortle or similar. 
      One problem I struggled with was gaining any focus on any lens I have while using the barlow lens. Am sure it is either my error or cheap equipment but I gained a very nice focus with the 28mm supplied lens and the panorama range but struggled gaining focus with the barlow and said lenses.  After looking into this though I'm wondering if it was due to me not accounting for eye relief?
      I look forward to meeting like minded people on this forum.
      Many regards
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      Hey everyone 
      I have a Celestron Starsense Explorer DX 102AZ on the way. 
      I was wondering if someone could please recommend which size EP to buy for viewing planets and the moon? 
      Sky watcher ULA Planetary (my budget is £40)
      I've read on another thread that sometimes 9mm can outperform a 4mm with a fast telescope as more magnification can make the viewing duller? I was hoping for the best magnification that is also crisp. 
      Thank you for your help. 
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      Hello. I have been having a bit of a cull lately and have some really good gear for sale - it is just not being used.
      I have for Sale:
      (1) Sky Watcher 50mm finder scope and bracket (AS NEW). £30 + £5 P+P
      (2) Celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece. Has thread for camera under rubber eyecup. (AS NEW). £40. + £5 P+P [**** SOLD ****]
      (3) Omegon CC 154/1848 scope BOXED. Dovetail rail. Back-focus adapters. (COMPLETELY NEW). £310. Collection only due to weight from DE55 (respecting distancing of course).
      Please see pictures and thank you for looking.

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