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Hello, greetings from Cambridgeshire

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just starting out, so a lot of information to absorb.  Enjoying it so far and very excited to see the basics like Jupiter's moons and Suturn's rings etc

unfortunately there is a huge streetlamp out the front of my house so I'm limited to what I can see out of the back between houses, so I think I might need to venture out to see more of the night sky.

i was hoping to meet up with local astronomy clubs.  Does anyone know how to contact Papworth Astronomy club?  A lot of the info on the web page is very old but there is a Covid update, so I assume it is still active, but there is no contact info as far as I can see.

Anyway, look forward to learning and hopefully contributing to the community.

All the best




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Welcome from Land Down Under

With respect to street light, had same issue where I live

Supplied the light pole number to our local energy company, and they fitted a shade facing towards my house to shield the amount of light been reflected into my front yard

No harm in approaching them




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I am a bit West of you but not by much. Shame about the street light, a lot will depend on how receptive the council is. Does not harm to ask.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

There's is so much to learn in this hobby and it's really tricky to know how much to invest at the beginning, as you don't know what you don't know!!  Plus you don't know what part of hobby you'll enjoy the most.  So like most noobs I've just got a basic 127mm reflector.  I've just ordered a couple of BST starguider EPs to improve the views.

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On 29/06/2020 at 20:51, Pete Presland said:

Hi welcome to SGL from Pete in Bedfordshire 🙂  Papworth does look active pre-Covid, St neots also have an astronomy club based at Little Paxton. 

Where about's in Cambridgeshire are you Steve?

Thanks Pete,

I'm near St Ives, so only 10mins from Papworth.  Strange there are no contact details to join the club, but hopefully that will change when this current crisis calms down.

thanks for the welcome everyone 👍


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