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Advice with Nikon d5100 and 130pds

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Hey guys,

I'm just starting out and I have the eq5 goto mount with 130pds. I have started doing visual to get a feel for the equipment and learn the stars, but my ultimate goal is to take images.

I currently own a nikon d5100 that I have had since before my astronomy interest and I would like to try and take some basic images with it if I can.

I would appreciate any advice on how to attach and setup my camera and scope, settings etc. Happy to start with the moon. Just want to feel confident with the settings and making sure my camera is secured to my scope etc.

I am also new to general photography so understanding that side of things with exposures etc.

Thanks all. I appreciate it


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At it's simplest, you need a Nikon T mount adaptor, which screws onto the focuser and has a Nikon F mount on the other side. The challenge - and I am not  familiar with the 130pds so I can't say, but I am sure others will - it's possible that you cannot achieve focus with the camera on its own due to the design of the scope (the focal point being 'inside' the tube). I never had this issue with my Newtonian back in the 90s, but it is a common issue with Newtonians. There are ways around it which others will be able to assist with.   

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The OTA did come with an extender tube and a 2" to 1.25" adapter in the box. The other thing I have is 1.25" webcam for the eyepiece which can be attached to a laptop.  Just a case now of learning to get results with planets maybe. I'm doing dry runs in my living room as the days as so long at the moment to get outside much.

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2 hours ago, rnobleeddy said:

It should be fine to achieve focus. The 130PDS is designed for astrophotography so has taken this into account.

I knew someone would know for certain! I've been away from astronomy for 25 years and this did not used to be an issue, but I suspect focal ratios have changed (Newts always used to be around f/8) which is part of the issue. 

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You don't use a lens for prime focus astrophotography....the telescope is essentially the lens...so your Nikon d5100 body only with the necessary adapters attaches to your 130 pds....oh and your nikon uses f mount lenses incase you're wondering for some wide field astro work.hope that might clear it update a tad.

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For the likes of our own milkyway...yes..camera and a wide angle lens ....remember that your Nikon dx based d5100 has a crop factor of 1.5..meaning your 18-55 mm kit lens is around 27-82 in Full frame (FX)terms So a lens as wide as you can get your hands on in dx form.

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