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Summer Romp in Nautical Twilight


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A warm summers night, nicer outside than insdie a hot house. No nautical night, so I thought I would just browse the heavens, keeping  a single frame as a souvenir of my tour. The colour image is based on single frames of L, R, G, B.  Usual exposure length around 3 mins.

Brocchi's Cluster (part of )1189010068_20200625-BrocchisCluster-2.thumb.jpg.73e20849974b91de34558b234dea089b.jpg

Cave Nebula in Cassiopeia1245359130_20200625-CaveNebula-2.thumb.jpg.64b20dd8a32b3c199783ec56baba92ae.jpg

Dumbbell Nebula2104374785_20200625-DumbbellNebula-2.thumb.jpg.36f585ab78ea9ca1749adb11779468af.jpg

IC 1848 and IC18711737138863_20200625-IC1848orLBN1848-2.thumb.jpg.9def68d39a3d8f01545f5e282209bfae.jpg

M8 Lagoon Nebula1835174145_20200625-LAgoonNebulaLRGB-2.thumb.jpg.130b7202a6c68f3dee305cd0b1451515.jpg

M11 Wild Duck Cluster1778593828_20200625-M11WildDuckCluster-2.thumb.jpg.20cffda3b6ead8fe2e5b34be3c408d39.jpg

M16 Eagle Nebula361886929_20200625-M16EagleNebula-2.thumb.jpg.4a51ba9e07721b4a16909024d459dc19.jpg

M17 Omega Nebula883611573_20200625-M17OmegaNebula-2.thumb.jpg.4a1596a1ab55dcd2ca7f74871c1d0c9d.jpg


M0 Trifid Nebula2096765009_20200625-M20TrifidNebula-2.thumb.jpg.4d4161c3f5c86f57eb0c3b0470c1d44d.jpg




M57 Ring Nebula555750593_20200625-RingNebula-2.thumb.jpg.a9aaff935d6b6bc2e4ee1e3351bdb170.jpg

Part of the Veil Nebula2138468212_20200625-VeilNebula-2.thumb.jpg.038af73a16cba39f4c50072c12e0e64a.jpg

Equipment: Skywatcher ED80 at F/7.5,  Skywatcher EQ6 Pro GEM, ZWO 1600MM Pro, ZWO EFW with ZWO LRGB filters, QHY5IIC guide camera on Skywatcher 9 x 50 finderscope

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