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EP7 - Sunday, 28th June 2020 7:30pm BST - A Closer Look at the Sun by Gary Palmer


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This Sunday at 7:30 we are joined by Gary Palmer of http://www.solarsystemimaging.co.uk/. Gary is a highly regarded solar and deep sky imager and one of the leading solar imagers in the world with images widely published in books, magazines and online. He is the author of many articles and reviews in various astronomy magazines and tv programmes and works closely, alongside many manufacturers to develop and test upcoming astronomy equipment. Gary also offers many workshops across the UK for groups and 1-to-1 via http://www.astrocourses.co.uk/ which some of you may have attended before.

Gary is going to give us a talk showcasing the various methods for capturing the Sun as well as talking through his workflow and showing us lots of processing tips and tricks touching on SharpCap, Registax, Photoshop and AutoStakkert!. He will also be discussing some of the recent innovations in equipment for solar imaging.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday, at 7:30PM. Zoom meeting details will be posted here Sunday.

Meeting details below:

Topic: EP7 - A Closer Look at the Sun by Gary Palmer
Time: Jun 28, 2020 07:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 965 2075 5134
Password: 620078

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Should prove to be a big attraction, there are many on SGL interested in our star.
They're sure to learn much from GP. I'm not a solar guy, but I will still be very attentive to what Gary has to teach us.

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I am very much looking forward to this, I've been on a couple of courses with Gary and have learnt so much from him... He gives fantastic presentations and his work is so inspiring !!

Paul Cotton

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A very informative and interesting talk by Gary.  Looking forward to it being posted up on Youtube so that I can start and stop the video on how to maybe image and process the Sun using my Lunt 50mm.

Thank you to Gary, Daz and Grant for running the show....

Best regards, Hadyn  - IOM

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First one we have joined. This was really great, Some amazing pictures and really nicely explained. Great job Thanks very much indeed to all who organised and of course to Gary.


Clear Skies




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That was a really good talk. Thanks.

Gary mentioned how old Registax is, but I still use Registax 5 as I find that it works better for me than either Registax 6 or Autostakkert. Maybe it's just me.

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