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How were you aligning? If it was just through the polarscope on your mount, remember that the reticle rotates with the R.A axis, so Polaris would have appeared to have moved if the R.A axis was not in the same place as it was initially. 

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Difficult to come up with a good answer without further details. Is your mount on a pier or a tripod? How did you polar align, and how did you then check it? How far off is it?

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Could be anything, I leave my mount out for a few days at a time and have to check PA and tweak it every night twice before imaging.

It's on grass so things settle and can move a degree or two..

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16 minutes ago, Anthony1979 said:

Mount is on tripod, aligned through polar scope.. I rotated the ra till the 0 was at the top and aligned and did exactly the same after imaging

If you put Polaris in the small circle on the polar scope reticule, it will move over time, because Polaris is not at the true Pole. There are aids such as the Synscan app, which will tell you were to put Polaris in the polar scope eyepiece.

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