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Starlight Xpress SXV-M8c ?


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Hello all new member needing assistance. 

I have already started a few threads with my newby needs.

I told my children of my spur of the moment purchase of the Evolution. 

They just thought I'd totally lost it!

To the point of this thread unbelievably my son in law was chatting to a friend of his on some other forum none astronomy related and mentioned that I had bought the telescope and was looking for advice on cameras.

It turns out the guys father may have the Starlight Xpress SXV-M8c for sale for £200.

My question is would this be a good buy?

Especially as its quite old now, but was very expensive when purchased and highly rated. 

I eventually, if not straight away want to use the Fastar system, I checked on Hyperstars listing and this camera is compatible. 

By all accounts it's in excellent condition but may only be the camera no leads or anything.

Any advice  or comments welcome as  my knowledge in this area is null. 

Getting a camera at low cost will help in my purchase of the expensive Hyperstar. 

I want to be doing videos and imaging preferably remotely. 

Theres no panic time wise but I would like to get a camera sorted soon. 


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Thanks for that Gfamily.

I notice that has a power brick, hopefully  the one I'm after will have it included.

But looks pretty standard .

Might give me a  bargaining chip in purchase price.

Hopefully someone will have experience with these.

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Just saw this post - a few days old now. For EAA I would not get that camera. It's a camera for astrophotography.

It's a good buy for £200 but if you want a camera to do EAA - that isn't really what you want. I would strongly recommend a modern CMOS camera like those from ZWO / Atik / QHY etc. For your needs you can get a new one that will perform better at a similar price.

If you want to get into astrophotography then I would go for it - but based on your other post, I don't think it is!

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