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Big dobsonian vs Mid refractor

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I’m looking to buy either a 12” dob or 700mm refractor both f5 scopes which would you recommend for observation of nebula and galaxies? Don’t have a big budget and will be buying second hand. 

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I think you would need a refractor of around 10 inches / 250mm in aperture to equal a 12 inch dobsonian on deep sky objects.

The budgets would not be comparable for such instruments :dontknow:

The refractor you are think of must be 140mm in aperture ?




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The Dob wins here unless portability or space is an issue. For the same money you are looking at say a 100mm doublet refractor. I have both. The refractor gives lovely wide field views and good views of the moon and planets at lower powers. The 12" Dob just goes much deeper.

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