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COMPLETED - Meade series 4000 lens kit COMPLETED

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Here for sale is my Meade series 4000 lens kit with lockable latches.

lenses provided are:

Plossl 40mm 1.25"

Plossl 32mm 1.25"

Plossl 15mm 1.25"

Plossl 12.4mm 1.25"

Plossl 9.7mm 1.25"

Plossl 6.4mm 1.25"

There is a 2x telenegative (barlow) lens which is also 1.25"

a kit of colour filters which include:

Meade 4000 #12

Meade 4000 #23A

Meade 4000 #58

Meade 4000 #80A

Meade 4000 ND96 (0.9)

everything in this box is as new, I received it with my 10" Dobsonian telescope that I purchased a couple years back but having my own set of lenses these just got stored away as spares but never needed to use them. Any realistic offers considered. either post on this thread or pm if interested

£150 ovno




WhatsApp Image 2020-06-19 at 16.32.52.jpeg

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now sold
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not actually sure what its worth as a kit as there aren't many that you can find for sale, there is 1 on amazon as I can find which is £200+, what do you guys think its worth? 

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Difficult thing to value, as you say they came "free" with Meade scopes back in the day, I've got the same set that came with my MEADE 10"SCT unused by me and out on loan to somebody ATM.

All you can do is try what you think is a fair price and see if you get any interest.


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10 hours ago, Iceman120 said:

well the one only one I found on amazon was £230 ish so 150 is about right for what you're saying. postage included. cant be fairer than that

You can get the set brand new for £220 with postage from Telescope House:   Meade 4000 set and sells between £99 and £140 on ebay.

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