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red dot finder DSLR hot shoe

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Hi Guys


Not sure which forum to ask this question but here goes.

I have a now redundant red dot finder from my Celestron SE6. Is there a way to fit this to the hot shoe of my DSLR? My finder has a clamp  which looks like the kind of thing you would find on a telescopic sight, it would be good to put this to use on my DSLR

Many thanks in advance





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I recently bought a RDF with hotshoe adaptor from Astroboot which arrived not long ago, just before I came home from hospital. Not had a chance to try it out yet but here's a pic in case it helps. The RDF has a flat foot that fits into what looks to be a 3d-printed hotshoe adaptor.



Might be you'll need to do something similar to make up a hotshoe plate that can then carry the RDF.

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On 18/06/2020 at 10:21, Chefgage said:

I use this one. Fits nice and good. You can adjust it so it can be removed and fitted in seconds.


thanks, that's exactly what I need just the hot shoe adaptor which can be bought separately

clear skies

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