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SynscanPro won't run in Android Emulator on PC ??


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There are two types of the SynScanPro app, one that runs on a PC, and one that runs on Android.

They both work really well on my NUC PC and my Android Tablet.

However, I can't get the Android version to run in my PC's Android Emulator though, (I've tried Bluestacks and Memu).

..."Why I would you want to ?"....  I hear you say, 🙂,  when I can just run the PC version on the PC anyway...  The reason is that I need to run it in conjunction with the Android version of SkySafari Pro so that it can control my scope.

The frustrating thing is that SkySafari Pro runs really well in the Andoid emulator on the PC,  no lag, nice display, it's just that it can't connect to the Synscan Wifi adapter without the Android SynscanPro app running underneath it.

I guess the Bluestacks emulator is some sort of restrictive "box", though it does connect through wifi  to the Internet  with no problems, downloading apps through Playstore etc..

I guess it's unlikely anyone else has tried to run the Android SynscanPro app in an emulator, but if anyone is has any ideas why some Android apps might not run in an emulator, I'd be grateful of any pointers....

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Thanks for the reply, it was an interesting thread, but unfortunately my problem isn't emulation of the App without a telescope attached, but running the App itself from within an Android emulator. My problem is that it won't even start up.

It was interesting to see user's various comments about how shortcomings when the adapter first came out, these appear to have all now been overcome with the "pro" version of the app (still free), which does connect to SkySafari and is so much easier to use than the handset.


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