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Building/printing Falcon / Dragon / Fairing


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I gave it away by talking about that cup of tea...dam...
That is not far from the truth indeed.

I used a heat-gun and the 'rocket' itself to push that part against it.
If I go gently I can even bulge the centre part, as is with the real thing.




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That's cheating!!  Though I have used a similar technique myself!  😁  A craft type hot air gun comes in handy.

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It's not completely finished yet.
I'm waiting for the decals to arrive. We're also drawing the LUT this very moment.
And now I'm busy assembling the second Falcon9. That second one is no more then the landed first stage covered in soot and landing feet wide open.
Those two Falcon9's will be standing side by side.
The printed parts did not take to long. The main body is a PVC tube. The largest Falcon9 part is Fairing. But that didn't take to long as it is printed in SpiralVase modus.
The longest parts to print (and also in time) were the landing feet. It was a challenge to warm them up an pushing them against a dummie tube. The feet need to have the correct size and shape, there's no room for error. They must connect side by side in the brackets and still be able to rotate the feet up and down.
It took an estimate 22 hours to print all parts.
It's a completely different story compared to the SaturnV rockets I made in the past. All parts of SV were printed. SV took about 48 hours each to print, again in Spiral vase modus and using a 1.5mm nozzle.

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A few smaller prints to be hung at the ceiling of our planetarium,

second stage, Crew Dragon, etc...

This is a picture of the two engines Falcon9 uses.
The smaller engines(9) for the first stage 'D' type thruster, and the bigger engine(vacuum engine) is used for the second stage.


While printing these I had an idea...🤭

I modified the big one, like this...


Added an empty pot of mayonnaise...

removed the labels and filled it with sweets...
And now I have a  F9-wasp-cather
I could also print a CrewDragon and replace the trunk with a wasp-cather...😁
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That wasp-trap was ok, but not efficient enough.
Made a modification and now it works just perfectly.
I'll show the drawing because it is not nice to see at, with all these wasps in it...😬

This is V2, nono not the one Werner has built a 'while' ago...
That little thing goes inside the jar to keep the wasps from escaping.


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We sent images to a company to have the decals cut by them.
There were lots of problems with that company. The files we've sent were not high enough resolution, it was not in the correct format, then the files were not big enough, then the files were to big.
Seems that company does everything in it's power not to agree to do that simple job, doing what they're suppose to do, making posters and cutting decals....strange...🤨

So in the end I cut these decals all myself by hand.

Still working on that LUT right now.



For each stages I need 24 bolts M2.5x6


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Meanwhile I got company from a few friends. These two guys, Peter and Michel, are joining the 'Modelling club' at our observatory.

This is what we did last weekend. LUT is now almost completely finished.






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