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Walking on the Moon

Clear at last!


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Well, for a couple of hours anyway.  I had been looking forward to playing with the VC200L but that has been collared by SC for testing purposes so I decided to bolt the C5 on the EQ6 (guided with the SV80/9D) and see what it could do.  Was intending M101 really so had to put the 6.3 reducer in there as well.  So, these with the ART-285, all 3 min 2x2 subs messed in Registax 3

M51, 10 subs.

M63, 4 subs.

M101, 8 subs.  This was the first of the evening and there was still ice on the 285 because I had run the camera an hour before and then turned it off again.  Idjit :lol:





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Thanks for all the nice comments people. It was pleasant just to get out there and play with all the toys again, some of which I'd forgotten I even had - let alone how to use :oops:

Looking good for Kelling apparently and this was really a shake-down night to get the kit sorted for that. Turned out quite well in the end... cloudy tonight again though :lol:


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takes time Martin , i use the lasso, and do sections at a time, that way you can deal with certain parts without loosing the main detail in the image ,



Yep, the trick is not making it look like it's been lassooed. Good one for practice because the detail is so delicate.

Thanks for the images Arthur :) :)

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You know, it's rather flattering to see other people playing with your pics :oops:

Sorry Arthur, I would be a bit brassed off if someone had messed up my image (didn't like those halos though :lol:). Would love to play with your unprocessed images :)

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Glad you got out. Lovely pics.

Maybe several guys can process your raw images and outline the process used.

Then post them on the fprum and people could see how different approaches work.



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Had a quick play too. There's quite a lot of detail around the arm that i can't bring out without destroying the image....really annoying.

It's a flippin cracking image though Arthur! :shock:



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