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Walking on the Moon

Tunnel effect


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Hi all i'm outside at the moment trying to get setup for AP i am using an LX90 ota with a 6.3 FR and a DSLR camera and i am getting a round image in the DSLR,how can i stop it, the setup is ota,fr ,connector, camera, ,,,Paul.

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That looks pretty bad!

With a Meade x0.63 reducer at the design distance of 110mm from the CCD chip, it should be better than that. What reducer are you using? What's the distance from the reduced (back face) to the front of the T adaptor on the DSLR? Should be about 60mm. Which camera?

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Help me... what's a 1dmk3??? When I suggested the 60mm , that was based on a 55mm distance from the T thread to the CCD chip on a DSLR body ie Canon 350D etc. If the chip is much closer to the T thread you may have to move it further back using T2 spacers between the reducer and the camera .

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