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Meade ETX90 PE alignment help

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I have just purchased the above telescope which is the premier edition (Blue Tube) model. It is the first telescope I have ever used and do not know how to set up the red dot alignment for the smart finder. The instructions tell me to hold down the MODE button for 2 seconds which should then display RA and dec. coordinates. This does not happen and the control simply asks the date, time and whether I wish it to align

Can someone please help and tell me how to get the Red dot on the smart finder so that I can initially align the scope.

Any help is appreciated.

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Not sure why it is not going into the Finder Menu. Have you pushed the mode button as soon as you have turned on the Autostar.

A couple of notes.

I have seen the finder on this scope it is very different from a standard RDF. On the same side as the plastic lens is mounted back along the angled part of the plastic mount there is a small bit of fibre optic sticking out - this provides the red dot.

When I was setting up one of these scopes for someone I noticed that the factory setting of the red dot brightness was set very dim, you need to increase it to maximum to be able to see it in daylight - have it set on continuous to do the initial alignment with a ground object.


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