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Let's do some different type of Jupiter and Lunar imaging

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We have Jupiter on the night sky, Moon shows up from time to time as well. Let's try to do some more "exotic" type of imaging of those objects:

* Io/Jupiter sulfur torus and sodium clouds that can be photographed with the help of [S II] DS filter or a custom narrowband filter centered around 589nm for sodium. Io or the whole Jupiter in the field of view recommended, lower resolution than when doing normal imaging
* Lunar petrographic imaging showcasing surface age and composition. Requires 5 wide bandpass filters, mostly in IR
* And as a side note 630 nm "neutral oxygen" filter for some nebulae as well as comets. 589nm sodium filter can also be used for 587 nm He I nebulae emission or with Baader AstroSolar to watch a yellow Sun instead of a green one with Solar Continuum :)

More details at https://rk.edu.pl/en/different-ways-photograph-jupiter-moon-or-nebulae/
Custom filters can be found in stores like Thorlabs, Edmund Optics but also Chroma that provides astronomical and other filters. Aside of that ebay stores like Bjomejag.


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