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COMPLETED - Having a clear out!

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Having a clear out of some OTA's etc. I don't use. drop me a line if any interest you.
I am having a good clear out as looking to upgrade on my equipment. I have had this stuff for a while as I was looking into an big observatory project, but unfortunately not to be, so have now decided to sell these. The OTA's were originally bought for mirror sets, so they do not come with mounts and there are a few dents and scratches on the tubes but apart from a need of a clean the mirrors are in reasonably good nick. (Edit, the Orion does have a small scratch)
I will try to post some pics as soon as possible.

Celestron 12" £150 SOLD
Skywatcher 10" £110 SOLD
Orion europa 200 £80 SOLD

Skywatcher ST80 £50 SOLD
Orion ST80 £50 SOLD

Series 500 6.5mm plossl EP £12 SALE PENDING
Kellner 25mm £12
Super 25 wide angle LER £12
Super 10mm £12
Fotdiox Olympus 4/3 T2 adapter £5


(FYI. I have also listed these items on AstroBuysell)






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I understand the ST80 makes a reasonable guide scope (obviously with suitable camera). If that would make sense for a 12" f/4.9 I'd certainly be interested. The black Skywatcher ST80 would "fit" my black Skywatcher 300p better than the white Orion, but I'm not fussy.

I'm just north of Leeds so could probably do a suitably-socially-distanced collection.

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About a 30 minute trip, so no problem. I don't know which of the two ST80s Wormix was referring to, but as he inquired first it'd be polite to let him have first choice if he wants to purchase.

I could make it down one evening or weekend, or maybe even a weekday lunchtime run? To avoid the violating the 2m rule I could do a Paypal transfer for payment?

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17 minutes ago, wormix said:

Hi - sorry, would also be interested in the SW as it matches my Newt that I want to use it as a guide for

if you could get a price that would be great?


Actually, ignore this - sorry. 
I need to concentrate on getting a guide can first before sorting a guide scope. 


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