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I was in Sheffield at ‎19:35:43 on the 06 ‎May ‎2020 when using a bridge camera i spotted a quickly moving object at quite a distance away (50x zoom). It was followed by a grey smoke trail and was leaving the atmosphere at a slight angle. It was spotted looking NNW. The object's trail has no sort of flames. Could it have been a man-made object? Does anybody know what it was or have any information on it?





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It's just a jet liner.

At that time the Moon was just rising in the ESE. So the plane was travelling approximately SW. Assuming it was in the cruise at 30,000 ft+ it will have been at some distance, maybe 40 or 50 miles. As it comes round the curvature of the Earth it gives the impression of flying at a steep angle and you can see the underside.

Nothing shows as a likely candidate on flightradar24.com but not all commercial, and very few military aircraft carry an ADSB transponder.

Pretty typical plane observation though :)

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    • By The-MathMog
      Hey there

      I was out with my scope for the first time this years and was imaging the galaxy NGC2903 in LRGB. When I was stacking the RGB images, I noticed that one of the stars didn't properly align, and can now see that it is a very slowly moving object.
      I am not sure how I can identify what object it is?
      I can't find anything in Stellarium that shows up in that period, so anyone of you that can help? Loosely comparing it to other stars, it appears to be like +14 magnitude ⭐

      It was imaged from around CET 01:43 to 02:28 in this GIF:

      It probably also appeared in the light frames that I took previously to this, but I haven't been able to check that yet - Any inputs would be very welcome and interesting! 😁

      (If there is a better forum for this kinda post, please let me know too).

      Imaged with:
      Celestron AVX Mount
      Skywatcher 150PDS
      ZWO ASI183MM-Pro
      Baader RGB Filters
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      Need a bit of help to narrow down what I see, I've wanted to buy a telescope a year ago but a couple of things stopped that decision.
      Saw a strong bright glowing star in the cloudless sky so I picked up my old binoculars laying around. I appended three images, one what my phone saw, secondly the raw image, thirdly a star map pointing towards the object (center-ish).
      I know it feels pretty laughable for s.o with an 8" GOTO + 5 yrs of experience, but maybe we can attempt to locate the object anyway ;)

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      so the other night i was setting up my scope, and i saw the weirdest thing in the northeastern sky. it was a fast- moving, flashing(?) object about 3- 4 degrees above the horizon. it went from the northeast to the southeast in about 3 seconds, then vanished out of sight. i didn't get a picture, my camera was still in its bag and i didn't even think of taking a pic until it was gone. now, i know this sounds like a ufo, but i don't know. i doubt it is, although i hope it was. i have seen things like this before quite a few times, but none of them at night. if it really is a ufo, id put it at a 2 on the hynek scale, for those of you who know what that is. if not, google it. its interesting. aside from the unlikely prospect of a ufo, what could it be, realistically speaking??
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      Well, this is my first ever topic on Stargazer's Lounge! I'm really enjoying these amazing forums only after a matter of minutes on the site.
      I was out stargazing tonight with my Celestron 114LCM 4.5 inch reflector. I was surprised to see a clear sky after the constant rain showers we got earlier today. I looked to the east and I seen the beautiful constellation that is Orion. Something I haven't seen in a while! But after I aligned my telescope, I looked around Orion and I started to look at Eridanus the river. A constellation that never really gets much attention ( except for Epsilon Eridani which I also observed tonight ) So I started at Beta Eridani and made my way down the river observing each star in the constellation that made up the Eridanus figure.
      When I got up to Zeta Erdani ( Zibal ) I observed it's lovely orange hue for a few seconds until a HUGE orange fireball crossed it!! It was at least -1 magnitude! I jumped out of my skin when I seen it through my telescope. It couldn't of been a plane or helicopter cause it was going way to fast to be one!
      It was a crazy event to witness alright but it was also pretty cool. The fireball was seen in South East Ireland in Eridanus at about 11:15.

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      A h-alpha shot of the Wizard nebula in Cepheus.
      ED80 - ATK16HR - Ha clip filter - EQ6 - finderguider 9x50mm 
      PhD2 - photoshop - DSS. 
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