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I can not praise First Light Optics highly enough, after I had a problem with a purchase I emailed them, quickly had a reply to send unit back, courier arrived next day to collect.

Contact from the guys at FLO was excellent and they kept me informed .... waiting for new stock to arrive ..... stock arrived and the very next day it was dispatched and I received it 1 day later (that is today Christmas Eve)

I judge how good a company  is not when all things go smoothly but how good they are when something goes wrong.

So thank you FLO and all the team there. ...... have a Merry Christmas, and stay safe.




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On the 5th, c 10pm ,I ordered the ASIAIR Pro from FLO, after they closed for the weekend.

Order confirmation advised out of stock and due between 15-20 days.

After having set set my expectations, can you imagine the level of disappointment I felt when it arrived today? 


Can we get access to the TARDIS that they appear to have so we can go to dark sky areas on demand....


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The good.  I ordered a TS Photon 6 inch f6 ota on August 31st, paid for express delivery, and it arrived the next day before lunch time 👍.

The not so good.  There was a part missing so I sent the following message the same day.


I've not yet had a response, or received the missing part yet.  I would have waited a bit longer before posting this, but I have to go to the Midlands for a funeral tomorrow, and won't be back home until at least Tuesday. if its on the way, sorry to Steve and the team. 

I have to say though, this isn't the first time I haven't received an answer to a question - and of course its not possible to follow  a question up by a phone call. 😒


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Grant messaged me and explained that GSO only supply one screw - I can't think why on earth this is as other finder foots (presumably not GSO sourced) with two holes have come with two screws, such as the Tecnosky refractor I own. Penny pinching?

Though there are some foots,  with only one hole this is not as bad as having two holes and one screw as this one is.  With the version supplied by TS the one screw only applies pressure at one end.

If the foot of the bracket itself is not made to good tolerances, this means the finder can wobble on the finder foot - as is the case with  one SW bracket I have. This resulted in my SW RA correct view 50 mm finder falling off the scope when the weather was very cold and the screw became loose through the metal contracting.  The finder snapped when it hit the ground and I haven't yet managed to repair it.

I haven't a spare srew and Grant is unsure they have one, and if so how much it will cost.

Apologies to Grant as I didn't realise he was at home and I was keeping him from his family while we exchanged messages!

The offending  GSO foot is below.





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3 hours ago, paulastro said:

I've not yet had a response, or received the missing part yet. 

Unfortunately Paul requested his review be posted even though we have explained both his negative points are incorrect.

Hopefully then he won't mind us posting our response. 

We received Pauls query late Wednesday so replied when we reopened Thursday morning. There was no delay and we received no email bouncebacks so cannot account for why he did not see our reply. We have not received a response from him, other than his negative review here today. (Though his review was posted on a Saturday my colleague responded directly to him within minutes). 

We have checked every conversation with Paul so can say with confidence we NEVER failed to respond promptly. We have suggested he check his spam folder and email filter settings because we can find no issues our side to account for him not receiving our responses.

Regarding the missing part: It is NOT missing. Finder-shoes fitted to GSO manufactured telescopes have one thumbscrew (this is shown in our product photo). One is enough to secure the finder-scope. There is another threaded hole so an additional thumbscrew can be sourced and supplied if requested. 



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Hi Folks 

Firstly i would like to thank First Light optics for all the customer service excellence they have given me since I have bought most of my Astronomy Equipment from such a reputable company🥇  and I would recommend them with 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  to anybody starting out in this amazing Field.  well done Folks at FLO  keep it up.





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Ordered a Tak adapter expecting it to take months considering it's not an item which is purchased very often, received it in about 3 weeks.

I also wanted to say that whenever I've had to return items, FLO have been very responsive and the returns have always been no-fuss.

Thank you FLO!

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Hi all, just a quick thankyou to first light optics.. a few weeks back I was looking for an item which unfortunately was out of stock,  so I clicked on the box to email me once it was back in..thinking that would be a few weeks with the current situation I put it to the back of my mind...So later this week I when I got that email I placed the order on Friday... to my astonishment I recieved a further email saying it would be delivered today.. and so it did... but I'm afraid to open the box as it may contain clouds

So thankyou to the team at flo...good job , job'd 

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Thanks to FLO for the excellent service in supplying a scope to my brother.  It's a very nice telescope at a fantastic price, we have also ordered a camera for EAA. Very happy.

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