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Just wanted to add that I too have had a great experience with FLO.

They offer an outstanding customer support!

Both Steven and Martin are extremely helpful - this is definitely one of the best (if not the best) online shops I've ever dealt with.

Thank you :rolleyes:

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Some of you will know that I have problems with my fingers and hands.  As a result I couldn't get my Scopetech Mount Zero off my tripod.  I also had a Baader Diamond Steeltrack that was making a grung

big thank you to flo yet again. absolutely amazing retailer. no1 not just scope stuff but no 1 period big thank you from my wife as well for her new little 10" dob mike

Just want to give a thumbs up to FLOs service for warranty repairs / issues. My new AZGTi developed a power issue this week so I notified FLO on Sunday via email.   They responded on Monday aft

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Sorry to be the odd one out:eek:, but I'm awaiting a reply to an email I sent to FLO.

I live in France and want to order some EPs etc, the website says to contact them first.

Does anyone know if it takes long for a reply?

FLO have been pretty busy of late thanks to Stargazing Live (so i am told). I have ordered stuff from them before and it said to contact them first. I never did. I dont see the point in making an international phone call for the sake of "bits and bobs".

I placed my orders as normal and was contacted by email within hours if there was a problem with any order such as "it is out of stock" etc.

I'm always happy to wait for stuff from FLO because they are a great bunch of folks.

I seem to have a habit of placing orders very late on Sunday nights. If there is a problem with my order the reply email is waiting for me on Monday morning.

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I placed an order for a Baader 2" Ha 7nm filter from FLO a few weeks back. It was out of stock but I was happy to wait for them to get the order in.

When it did, James sent me an email to let me know when it was going to arrive and it was with me after a week.

FLO are a great outfit. I wish all small businesses took a leaf out of their book - it helps them too since happy customers probably chase them and bug them less which makes everyone happier all round.

Happy times.

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Hi All,

Ok where to start....?


Good Service from FLO if only I was as organised I would have done my bit for FLO by now. I was after a dew shield and spent days harrassing Martin at FLO with all my questions on Dew Shields (sad I know). Martin was a great help and I like the email/web ticketing system that they use. I got loads of good advice which led to me using them. Ordered and Items arrived a few days later. Thanks Guys :D

Harrison Telescopes / Telescope House

Another great supplier with good prices. I have ordered 5 or 6 times from Harrison and had great service everytime. Sometimes they don't have the item so it comes from Telescope House but either way my items arrives in a day or two. I also like the Paypal payments :p


Again I had great service and mega prompt replies to my emails. 1:30am Sunday Night / Monday morning for one reply. Peter was very helpful. I ordered my scope and it arrived next day. Spot on :(

Scopes 'n Skies

I only ordered a couple of small items as they were the only place I can get them. Took about a week for them to send out but I got them and they were exactly what I was after. I have read some people have had issues with them but my experience was ok and I would use them again as I want some more Bolt Cases.

Stockport Binoculars and Telescope Centre

I got an Eyepiece and Barlow from their Ebay store fantastic saved £25 over their website price so was exstatic. Items were sent promptly and I will definatly use again as was a really smooth transaction and great price.

Thats about it for now.

I guess I have been really lucky and had good experiences with all the suppliers that I chose to use. The revies on here really helped me aswell.

Clear Skies!


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well i'm new to the scene of astronomy but not new to the scene of online purchasing.

lets review my last couple of purchases

1: Skywatcher 250px:

Out of stock when ordering - found this out after ordering, scope was then delayed again. then delayed once more due to the weather.

i then went to track the scope online only to find it had been sent to the wrong hub. called fedex and had found that FLO had given me the wrong tracking number. Scope finally arrived.

2: Skywatcher Colimator

Arrived on time - fell to pieces in my hand after the third use.

Flo bumped me up to the baader version for free - fantastic! however did not email or call to tell me that it was also out of stock. it took over a week to arrive. + and - points here.

3: William Optics SPL 6mm

Ordered on the 3rd and i am still waiting for it. After three ignored emails i made a phone call and was told that it will take another 10 days (as of yesterday) to arrive. (they did give me a 5% discount code however when placing the order) + and - points again.

Granted, stock levels were low on the items and that is just unlucky. but a bit more communication could not go a miss!

Aftercare? nothing less than perfect!

So to sum up it up from my experience.

You will eventually get your items (you won't know when unless you chase them!) but be assured they will be more than happy to help you out if you have any problems with them.

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ordered t ring and 2" adapter, for cannon 300 d came next day another great service that you no you can trust great service and speedy delivery they are

"simply the best''

cheers all at flo

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hi ordered my stuff,crawford dual focuser,power tank astro zap dew shield, they was a waiting for a couple a things to be delivered , they let me no of this and offered me a refund but a said i could wait,they let me no when they had got them in yesterday,and fedex them me and they arrived this morning at 09:15 great service and contact always a pleasure to order from jamews and the team-flo


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ordered this the other day came this morning,well packed and speedy service sent e mail for advice on which t adapter to by to FLO they rang me the day after at 09:30 with advice ordered the part came this morning great fast reliable services from a trusted company

pat :D:):p:):(

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Wanted an HEQ5 tripod only (no mount); enquired via FLO's "contact" on web site. The following time-line gives a good impression of how things proceeded.

March 30:

12:11 -- I sent my enquiry.

12:44 -- Reply from Martin saying they don't do it but will see if supplier can provide one.

14:15 -- Martin emails to tell me he can get it and tells me the price.

14:49 -- I email Martin to enquire how to pay for a non-stock item.

15:05 -- Martin emails with comprehensive details.

15:11 -- I complete the order and email Martin to thank him.

15:14 -- I get an order-status email to tell me that the order has progressed from "in packing" to "in shipping".

15:15 -- Email from Martin saying that he has taken one from a stock mount so I don't have to wait.

March 31:

12:20 (approx) -- Tripod delivered. Well packed and perfect for the job.

Needless to say, I am very impressed. Martin's customer service cannot be faulted -- the whole time there has been an attitude of "we will do our best for the customer". A mere 21 hours from order to delivery is far better than I expected.

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I ordered my telescope from FLO about a month ago and they were simply faultless. Delivered within 2 days of ordering and when I phoned customer service to ask some questions I spoke to someone straight away who gave me an immediate answer.

I did have a damaged plastic cup (for covering the polar scope connector), which I emailed customer support about and received a prompt reply and replacement part with apologies within a week of reporting it.

100% reccommended

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hi.. ive been seeing references to FLO thruout the forum but i cant get any details on it.. i assume its a dealer in uk.. but can someone provide me with its website address or something? i dont live in uk so bear with me.. :)


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Flo are shocking!!!! Whenever you try to call them it always goes straight to ANSWERPHONE, Yes I hear their service is good once they've got your money but until then..would touch them with a barge pole USELESS!!!:)

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Hi Richard,

Sorry you haven't seen us at our best. I freely admit we have fallen behind with the backlog that built up during and after SGL6 so the ansafone is working overtime, as are we :)

We should be back up to speed by end of week. If you PM me your name and order number I promise to look into things.




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