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M81/M82 - poor effort from 3rd Jan


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Murky night, but enough for me to have a bit of a practice at anyway!

18 minutes total exposure - 9 x 2 minutes unguided, SXVF-H9 thru WO66 on EQ6

Need to track the dust bunnies - and get round to flats!!!


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It'll all come good for you, I'm sure of it. The amount of setbacks and issues you've had, I'd have given up long ago and stuck to visual! Got to love the 66 though, if there was a scope that made it 'fun', it's that :).


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Good stuff Daz. Is MiniDaz in to DSO's, or sticking with the moon for now.?

I would have just told everyone that was a Black Hole. Who's to say it Isn't.

Could have been passing by on a feasting frenzy. :hello2:

Ron. :D

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I would normally have guided, but for some reason, it wasn't playing ball. Still, my new guidecam should be en route, and that should make things MUCH easier!!

Dark Matter and Black holes - good idea chaps!! :hello2:

MiniDaz is sticking to the moon. I need to get his scope collimated and get him back out there. He got a webcam and nosepiece for crimbo, so he is keen to!!

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