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2.06.2020 Late afternoon at the proms

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Thank you all for your encouragement. :thumbsup:

We'd had a long sunny day with 70F.
The thermal rippling was incredibly fierce despite the amazing transparency.

The more northerly [upper] section of the prom looked like a huge balloon in slow motion.
It was almost spherical and transparent with a ragged hole torn out in front by an unseen wind.

ImPPG was left in neutral/default for the proms. Just opened and saved.
It must have been doing something because PhotoFiltre couldn't do anything with the AS!3 stills.

The stills coming out of AS!3 were quite unlike anything I was seeing.
I suppose it couldn't lock onto anything with that much lateral motion.

The surface didn't look remotely so transparent.
More misty as it went rapidly in and out of focus.
I'm amazed AS!3 could find anything to lock onto.

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