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Custom Apollo / Lunar design - SkyWatcher Heritage 130p


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Thought people may like to see my recent custom design for my SkyWatcher Heritage 130p... 

As a big Apollo misson geek, and not being a fan of the stock astronomer names wrap on the 130p, I decided to get creative. 

I used a great moon wall sticker just £6 from Ikea (https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/kinnared-decoration-stickers-moon-00448463/) as well as some matt vinyl stickers from Redbubble, one for each Apollo mission patch. 

Below is pics of the mod in progress and the end result - would love to hear what you think!



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Seeing this nice scope I remember a very long time ago I made small telescope 4" or so.
Grinded the mirror out of the bottom of a bottle of Genever.(Gin)
That brand genever had square shaped bottles, so very difficult to figure that bottom into a parabola...😳
I'll try and find that little thing and post a picture.

I do remember now, while observing and emptying that bottle we had to issues, the balance of the scope kept on changing very slowly + images got blurry all the time.

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18 hours ago, Philip R said:

It made me think of this one too...


...and that SkyWatcher/FLO did not release a Pringles version too. 

I always that looked damned awful! 🙄

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