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COMPLETED - SOLD: HEQ5 Pro + Belt Mod £600

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Here I have a Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro with Rowan astronomy belt modification fitted, it is in Excerlent used condition.

I am selling for £600 (asking slightly more due to the belt modification than I would without and it being a good performer). In general with a belt mod you will pay ~£950 new.

It has been kept in a well ventilated dry observatory since 2015, so for the vast majority of its life.

It comes with two 5kg counter weights and the original hand controller.

It is lacking the plastic hand controller holder that hooks onto the leg (unfortunetly this is common as they are quite prone to snapping).

It has been well maintained and tuned for optimal performance with replacement white lithium grease on Dec and RA worm gears and bearings.

Sale only due to buying an Esprit 100 setup which is topping out at around 13kg and too heavy for the HEQ5 Pro.

Here are some examples of excerlent guiding with a 130PDS, guide scope, autofocuser, ASI1600mm pro, EFW-8, blanced by both 5kg counter weights. PHD is set to display arcseconds.

Your performace will depend on many factors, weight of setup, cable management, wind, seeing, calibration, polar alignment flexture..etc. I show these examples to demonstrate that this is a good copy and what it can do if you get it all right.

Best tracking (Nov 2019):


Average tracking (Oct 2019):


and images of the mount:



The payment on collection via bank transfare prefaired.

The buyer MUST collect from LN5 (Lincoln), the mount will cleaned and placed on the driveway for you to inspect and social distancing is to be observed. The mount can be demonstrated on collection.

Note: If more than one person is interested I will select on first come first serve but also ability to collect.

Any questions let me know.

Many thanks.


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