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90 Panel 140MP Lunar Mosaic 69% Phase 31/05/20


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Moon wasn't the highest last night but I tried doing this monster mosaic which took about 2 hours to complete.

I took 500 frames per panel to save storage. Ended up being about 55GB of memory in total for all 90.

Made sure there was plenty of overlap so could have ended up with less panels overall but got to be sure when you're doing something as huge as this.


Imaging telescope: Celestron C14

Imaging camera: QHYCCD 5L ll M

Mount: Celestron CGE

Software: Photoshop, Autostakkert! 3, PixInsight 1.8



Auto Complete Finished.jpg

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3 hours ago, jgs001 said:

Fantastic, and that sounds like a huge amount of work.

Yes, it really was and took about 3 hours to stack all the files then I had to stitch the final result together

4 hours ago, bottletopburly said:

Impressive Matt 👍


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