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Issues with my Coronado Solarmax II BF10


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The Sun isn't doing much currently, but there's a few proms and I was hoping to see something of the potential active region rotating in to view.

Got the scope out and focused up, no haze in the sky and conditions seem favourable. However the view through the scope was poor, little granulation showing and despite knowing where the optimal tuning is on the scope, I went through every position just to double check and still no hint of the proms visually. (Using GONG as my reference to find them).

Plugged in the camera, focused up and whilst I can see a smattering of detail on the surface at super low contrast, proms are not showing up at all, and increasing the exposure just creates a bigger and bigger halo around the sun washing out any potential proms.

I did a quick Google, and there's talk of this phenomenon occurring if the "ITF" is rusted. I have seen a few pictures with what looks like absolutely obvious rust, however upon disassembling mine - I am unsure, the filter is reflective (reflects my face back at me) and if I point it at the grass, I can see the world in shades of red. I will say the surface has a milky and slightly green look to it, but not sure  ..any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Try shinning a very bright LED torch on it, it the ITF is failing you will see it clearly, sometimes rusts in rings from the outer edge in (because of lack of edge coating protection maybe) or in little patches, contact supplier they may well fix it  for you.


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