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EP1 - YouTube - Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards

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Excuse the loss of the first few seconds, my bad!


I've not had time to add whizzy titles or anything to this so it's the raw recording but hopefully this will help those who missed it.

Thanks again to @steppenwolf for the fantastic talk, we would definitely like to have you back sir!

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Watched this last night, great talk Steve.   Yes I did learn a couple of things, despite imaging for over 10 years and doing imaging talks myself, it was good to hear the things I say backed up by a Pro, and/or said in a slightly different way.

The things I learnt were:

Measuring the sky background in curves to be 22/23/24, I normally just judge it.

Focussing not in the middle of the screen for better focus in widefield imaging.

Hoping to watch the next one live using my laptop this time as I think there is a problem with my desktop which I can;t get sorted until my computer man comes out of personal lockdown.  Had a practice Zoom conference with Davey T yesterday afternoon/evening and after some "faffing around" by both of us, it worked fine.


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I watched the talk live last week - it was excellent - looking forward to the next.

Having access to these recordings is a fantastic resource. This is a real service to the community - many thanks to the speakers and SGL team for putting in the effort to make this happen. As far as I can see this is a pretty unique initiative for the online astronomy community and you're setting a high bar for others. 

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After the recent run of clear late nights and sleep days, I finally got around to watching this excellent presentation and Q&A. Thank you Steve, the FLO team and other participants.

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Wow. I've been a member here for about 3 years and I'm a visual-only observer. I've seen a lot of member images but I've never been tempted to try it myself. Thank you so much for the excellent talk. I've learnt so much from it. Now I feel that I know a little about what the imagers are talking about. A real education.

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