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I would like you opinion on a question or two if possible, Celestron c8 or c925 and how much better is the edge he than the standard both mounted on an advanced VX

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Hi @Kevlar and welcome to SGL. :hello2:

I don't know what the exact differences are. The C9.25 has a slightly longer focal length @2350mm* as opposed to the C8 which is @2032mm*

If it was me, I think I would go for the C9.25. There is this chap: 'uncle Rod Mollise' ...he has written many interesting articles on SCT's
and Maks, etc., on that other site... i.e. https://www.cloudynights.com/ ...as well as independent posts/reviews elsewhere on the internet.


* based upon the Celestron SCT-XLT specs.

Edited by Philip R
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The C8 is a good scope, ticking many boxes. It is easily manageable but still gives that nice big aperture.  It can do almost all visual observing and when coupled with the focal reducer makes a good DSO hunter, particularly at a dark site.  Without the FR it makes a good lunar and planetary scope, the long focal length gives good image scale. 

The C9.25 is the one I would go for though. Granted, it is less manageable but will outperform the C8.  Everything I just mentioned above, the bigger scope will do a little better.

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They’re both fine “do it all” telescopes - if you can stretch to a 9.25, then why not? And if you can stretch to an Edge, why not? I had a C8 Edge which I loved, cools faster than the standard model, is better looking (if you care about such things) and has marginally tighter stars at the margins, though I don’t think the difference is significant. 

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In our group there is a standard 8, plus a 8 Edge and a 9.25. The 9.25 is the best performer for pretty much everything, and the 8 edge is sharper around the edges but other than that for visual not much in it with the 8s.

The edge takes longer to cool than the standard 8 and the owner complains about it, surprised by Marks findings. I can cool the 9.25 down in half the normal time using a cat cooler. If your mount can take a 9.25 then go for it, but the 8 is lighter and a bit more portable and cheaper!

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