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Lovely lunar phase agian

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26% illuminated this evening. Very beautiful.

Set my 100mm Tak up quickly to catch the very skinny Venus before it sank into the hedge.

On to the Moon hanging so temptingly in the sky.

Highlights include a trio of craggy craters on the terminator, Theophilus, Cyrillus and Catharina. The central peak in Theophilus looks really jagged and shattered in this light.

Posidonius further north with it's partial internal second rim which looks as if a major portion of the crater floor has been tilted somehow. 2 / 3 rilles cross the crater floor as well. Lots of geological action here over the aeons.

The long wrinkle system of the Dorsa Smirnov running for over 200km across the Mare Serenitatis.

Messier and Messier A plus rays nicely displayed again.

Certainly made up for the scrubbing of the Falcon launch. Maybe we will get back there one day :icon_biggrin:



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Great report, John. After the disappointment of the launch being postponed, I decided to have a look at the Moon. Using my Equinox 80 and Nagler Zoom. The skies were really steady. The views were ever so sharp. Some of the best lunar views I’ve had. Bit of cloud dodging but really enjoyable. 

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I had a lovely view of the Moon myself tonight too, but it was very wobbly and a touch milky, so I could onlu use 91X. Wonderfully detailed though. ☺

Hand held phone pic attached.


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23 minutes ago, Jennifere20 said:

I also got an image of the moon tonight. I’ve not been doing this very long so I’m quite proud so far 😁


That's a great start :thumbright:


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Broke out the altair 60mm triplet for a change; had to wait a while for the instrument to settle thermally. It seems to take an age for the pale green CA to fade away on the limb. Worth the wait though.. Cracking view of Theophilus and Cyrillus at *105. Managed to make out 3 of the 4 peaks in Theophilus. Is the 4th peak in the middle or towards the rim a bit?

Cyrillus A looked like a tiny white polo mint floating inside the main crater. ; the illumination seemed to catch the rim all the way round. Magic stuff, an hour well spent.

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