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new filter not getting focus

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Hi all

My normal image train

Camera,1.25 efw, coma c,scope

So I purchased 2" optolong moon,skyglow to LP all filters (lrgb) but I could not get focus with B mask and wouldn't plate solve even with close focus the display on tablet for asiair was very grainy .have taken filter out now and plate solved and B mask no probs any idea why I wouldn't work?

Thanks oh I screwed filter into cc .

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Which filter are you trying to use with it at the same time?

Maybe try just using the 2 inch filter and a empty filter wheel position.

Is there any chance that the filter wheel has lost its position referance and you have the dark frame filte or a narrow band in line with it by mistake?

It would explain the odd data that you sent to me on the iris as that did not seem to be the filters you thought it was.

You can recalibrate the wheel in the drivers usually. I would visually confirm its giving you the filter you want.


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