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NGC7000 North America - upper parts


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42 minutes ago, Tayson said:


My last photo, ~19h exp SHO, TS APO100Q, QHY695A, Ioptron CEM60EC, chroma filters.

full  at my Astrobin



Can You find PN G086.2-01.2 ? :)





Thanks for this, great image and nice video.  I was considering an Sii session later, but wasnt sure how useful.  This has made my mind up that it will be beneficial

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So pretty!! Well done. Are you using 3nm Chroma's? I'm really impressed how some astrophotographers get so much sense of depth in their images, including you. Is it just getting better raw data or is there a processing trick to it? I could use some of you secret sauce...

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Interesting, Do you find it difficult to get the stars the same size because the Ha filter is wider, or is this compensated by stretching Oiii and Sii more than you stretch Ha? I'm in doubt between a 3nm and 5nm Ha.

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