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Formica F1782 Stardust Laminate for Dob Bearings

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Now that Ebony Star laminate is no longer available the best equivelent is Formica F1782 Stardust Quarry which is available but only in huge and expensive sheets which make it too expensive.

So have been thinking of a group buy. If I were to buy a sheet of the Formica F1782 Stardust 0.7mm laminate and cut it into 650mm squares. Being 0.7mm thick can be cut with a strong untility knife, although you would need a few new blades, and could be used for alt bearings as well.

Just finished more accuately estimating the cost including shipping boxes and packing materials and have come up with £26.00 plus £9.00 shipping. So looks like it would be £35.00 delivered to the UK

Need at least five people to be interested to make it work. 🙏🏼



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13 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

B&Q and similar sell it in 40mm wide strips for worktop edging, no idea what colour they do but should be something similar.


Have checked and none of the high street and diy places stock the right one anymore. Very hard to find as only a few big suppliers carry it. 

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Thinking about it I have a local secondhand wood yard who often have damaged worktops. Now, Formica is not damaged by water but the chipboard it is stuck to is. Can you see where I am going with this? I will have to see what I can do when the yard is open for business, or perhaps speak to my local builder for some from refurbished kitchens when he gets going again.


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Unfortunately the right one is a very rare product and only used by a few places in the country which is what makes it difficult to source. May be possible to remove the laminate from the chipboard using acetone but it isn’t allways successful. 

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2 minutes ago, Pixies said:

It this an improvement on the silver (and now white) laminate surface used on the alt and az bearings of Bresser dobs?

It should be better but how much better is unknown. 🤔

Anyway due to the lack of interest in the idea looks unlikely that I’ll bother buying a sheet.🙁

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Found another way to improve the movement so no longer needed.

Bought some thin 40mm teflon washers which were fitted to the centre bolt which releaved pressure on thr az bearing and movement now perfect.

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