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Upgrade my barlow lens

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Definitely upgrade the scope if that is an option. The 2x barlow will be pushing it to the limit already so the 3x or 5x won't help even if they are top quality.


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Definitely more light gathering power over magnification your most probably at the limit there what you already own you could up grade the eyepieces for something a little better to improve contrast however the 130mm will definitely be a worthwhile upgrade 

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I bought a 5x Barlow. Never managed to use it.

IMO, The problem with Barlows is one has to get the target dead center in the eyepiece before inserting the 2x Barlow. And hope you should be kept dead on target. With the 5x Barlow, any slight misalignment and you will be searching for an age trying to find target..Oh yeah, and with the magnification, expect the brightness of target to diminish by same amount. OK for planets and moon but not much else.

As said above, upgrade the scope 🔭


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even when you do, don't be thinking a 5x barlow would be good to get, it won't be. I've 3x TAL ones and also 2x Skywatcher and the 2x gets more use other than in the TAL-M where the 3x is the only option that fits it or the frac on the synscan mount. As Star101 said, you need to be very precise centring the object to jump that far in mag and if the scope isn't tracking then you'll be trying to find the object after you switch barlow and eyepiece over.

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