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Designated dark sky site for permanent set ups


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Hi to all on stargazers lounge had brilliant nite last night

the topic of interest for me tonight is a little bit different!? However don,t worry guys it’s still Astronomy related 

most of us on here own a telescope silly question really some are Astrophotographers,imagers and the old school brigade like myself visual Astronomy and we all strive for that perfect image photo perfect seeing conditions etc etc and for the few who are prvalaged either have a more permanent set up in there own backyard and great sky conditions also so if you have both consider yourself quite lucky lol it’s not fair don,t worry I will not throw my toys out of the pram😩.i do gather there are designated dark sky sights across the uk when amateurs can meet up and have a good chin wag about there Astro gear and hopefully get a clear nights observation in at the same time however for some due to health issues and other circumstances are unable to attend could be some thing like don,t drive married Ha Ha😆all perhaps the certain location is to far away to get to.the ideal scenero for me would be up in Northumberland where Keider observatory is pitched up with a nice bbq during day and pitch up a tent maybe and from what I’ve heard as spoken to Admin not the easiest locations to get to unless you drive yes middle of no where and as I don,t drive maybe a few up the wall tho on occasions it’s just to far away for me unless I plan well in advance and constantly looking at the weather forecast.and give someone a few hundred pounds to drive me via car.on a different note I would absolutely love to do some kind of out reach in Astronomy to gain more knowledge and awareness around the hobby but can only hope and pray that one day I might achieve that perhaps a fools hope never know.what I like to know to those on stargazers lounge are there any such organisations at all that have certain hot spots around the uk that you could either volunteer your services in what ever that maybe for an pitch of land which would not be much for an more kind of pop up observatory on a more permanent arrangement for Telescope (would,nt that be great) or maybe some kind of rent to an land owner as I truly feel this kind of idea would be the way forward for more modern Astronomy ie in conjunction with land owner organisations national trusts etc with carefull understanding,communication to Authorities etc or maybe this already exsists just don,t know 


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My first port of call would be your local Astro club/society. A lot of the long established ones have their own observatory or observing site in a dark location, and they also organise out reach events.

Designated dark site locations also actively promote Astro events.

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