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First light using HA and new camera)


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Always good to add the text :p

Had a go at the rosette Nebula with my new QHY6 and HA filter.

This is 10x300 subs unguided on a HEQ5 with a WO Megrez72. Guiding has to be next as i think i was pushing my luck a bit with the HEQ.

It has been overworked in Registax and PS :)

Not sure about the focal reduction as I had a few options with my noses so used the longest one I have and Variable Power Focal Reducer .4x to .8x ,and as I could not get it all in my FOV went for the edge

regards Pete

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Hi Sam,

went over to Astronomiser while I doing the shot last night and bought the very same (Great minds ) I have up and till now been imaging with the SPC900 now it can do guide duty. I intend to use a telephoto lens with the webcam and a Steve Mogg Adapter piggy backed ,with Guidedog.

So things should improve,

Carol once i can guide i might, but to be fair I am lazy so if I can get a wide field some how i would go down that road first :)

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Looking good and getting guiding working will only improve things...I wonder why your using Registrax to process deep sky images... Its great for the moon and planets where its the weapon of choice... Deep sky then DeepSkyStacker is the "free" tool to use..


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Nice heads up thanks ,I will download it. Assuming it works in FITS?

I have just found out that one of my telephoto adapters fits the new

camera so wide field is now an option for this Nebula and guide via the ST80

be interesting to see how it looks.

Costs a bit this imaging lark :shock:


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