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ngc2403 lumance * + some poor HA/RGB*


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First clear skies for me in ages last night :hello1:


31 @ 300 sec's through the 10" newt guided with my 80Ed


(click to enlarge)

I also managed some red and blue but the scope was on a collision course with the pier after only 4 green subs so I hope to add some colour when I get some more green and some Ha.

Great to get out there again.


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Cheers guys.

Ohhhh thats nice Mike , you certainly picked up some really good detail there , is this a hard one to get , :):thumbright: cant say i have seen it before

It's not too bad Rog, there was a lot of moisture in the air last night so the LP was up high which made the faint stuff a challenge. The colour will be the real test though.


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Hi all.

Not great out there tonight with ever thickening mist, but I could see stars so went for some more green and some Ha.

worsening conditions lead to poor Ha data and no usable new green data this and the lack of total rgb data shows in the final image.

the image is now L-Ha/R-G-B

L 31 x 5 min's

Ha 10 x 4 min's bin x2

RB 10 x 2.5 min's bin x2

G 4 x 2.5 min's bin x2


(click to enlarge)


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Thanks again all for the kind comments

Lovely Mike, but did you finish M81 yet????? PM me if so, as I appear to have missed the post in my absence!



No I haven't. I am waiting for a very good dark night to go for the RGB again on that, I even lugged the 10" and all the imaging kit out to a dark site but cloud made that a wasted effort.


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