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Message for James or Steve (FLO) regarding delivery of Scope

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I will let you know Allan (walterP), only I have a little trouble with Business Post.

After the great help from FLO in choosing my scope, they sent it out to me for next day delivery (29th December).

I received box 1 of 2 on the 31st which contained the scope but no mount, great. I then logged into Business post to see where box 2 was and it was in Norwich? Box 1 had been sent to Birmingham then onto Northampton then to me, why is box 2 in Norwich I asked them? Anyway I could go on for a long time about this, but I still havent got box 2 and a guy named Scot at Northampton depot kindly tried to sort this out for me today. He rang me back and said that Norwich were saying that it had been forwarded onto Birmingham, he rang Birmingham they didnt have it. So im a bit gutted. The sky is clear the stars are out but Business post have lost my mount!!!!!!

James (FLO) if you are there could you try and sort this out for me on Monday if I still havent received it.

Thanks James


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