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Hello from New England!

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Hello All,

New astrophotographer here. My current set up is a Celestron 127EQ and my phone as a camera which has been decent for moon and some planet photos. Surprisingly I have gotten an okay photo of Saturn and Jupiter but I am dying to get some photos of galaxies and nebula. That stuff just amazes me and is just astounding that it is possible to capture. It is too bad that the area I live in is super light polluted (bortle class 6-7 I think) so hopefully I will find a good filter that won't be too expensive. Searching online I have found a lot of bad comments about the Celestron 127EQ, there was even a reddit page called r/dontbuyapowerseeker, although I do not know what to believe. I plan on getting new equipment such as telescope and probably goto mount but it looks like its luck to find them for a good price. Hoping to learn a lot and so far I love seeing the photos people produce here. 

Excited to see what the future holds,


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Hi and welcome. Don't worry too much as to what others post about your scope. As you say you are just starting. It will be a steep learning curve anyway so take your time and just enjoy what you have at present. In time you may really catch the disease, that is when you will really decide whether it is worth either upgrading or not.

Just have fun 😃


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