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COMPLETED - For Sale Skylight 60mm F16.7 Telescope

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Hi Everyone,

Please find for sale my Skylight 60mm F16.7 telescope. It has excellent Carton 60mm F16.7 lens. It puts up brilliant images given its aperture. Velvety black backgrounds, with the stars being bright dots. Would be very hard to beat in its class. 

Comes with TS padded telescope bag. 

More photo's on request.

Would prefer collection.

Must be collected in accordance of social distancing rules.

Looking for £350









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Please note what you can see circled in green in the photo's attached to this message. Is not damage to the lacquer, but Sellotape to help with the balancing of the telescope.

Skylight 60mm F167.jpg

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This takes me back, I had an identical Skylight 60 f16.7. Well almost, mine had the Skylight leather lined brass rings. Obviously limited in aperture, but what they do show they show very well indeed. A joy to use with the buttery smooth focuser too. A future classic. Good luck with the sale. 

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