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Imaging Double Stars : Two Classics

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Evening all,

I would have never had thought that Double stars would rank high on the list of imaging objects when the Moon was 'Super' and 'Full', the clouds were fickle and fast-moving and the hours of darkness were rapidly shrinking.

But..... the other night, due to the conditions described above, all my efforts of the faint fuzzies ended in zero usable subs.  Just before switching from the Atik 414ex mono to the QHY8pro OSC  for some Lunar work,  I star aligned on Albireo and thought....hmmm....??... lets give it a go, more with the sense of curiosity then thinking it might push Damian Peach for APOTD. :) 

With the OSC on and even more cloud coming in, I thought I might as well finish off with  the other  'most famous double in the sky', Alcor and Mizar.

Here they are.  

Albireo  6 x 10sec subs  LRGB  (C8HD Atik414)    and   Alcor /Mizar    20 x 30sec  OSC  ( C8HD QHY8pro).



Even more exciting.... (yes... this might be old-hat to the seasoned pro's on here but I was genuinely excited !!  )  ...the star shape of Mizar didn't quite look right.   After employing the dark arts of Photo-shop on the image I 'discovered'  it was a double itself.   I never knew that. You can see it in the second image, star on the right.  I'll hold back on publishing this data in the 'Astrophysical Journal' just yet in case it gets disproved, but there you go.

Albireo takes me back to when I was about thirteen and seeing it for the first time and thinking "Wow... coloured stars !!".    Alcor and Mizar was my first binocular object.

Any more suggestions for "W-i-d-e" doubles with a nice colour difference much appreciated.

Thanks for looking.





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I was thinking of trying this the other night, then got distracted. Really nice images, BTW  . For a further target, Cor Caroli would be   good ?

I MUST have a go, maybe tonight.

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