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Revolution R2 imager

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Hi guys I have been debating for quite a while now in taking the plunge into some kind of imaging and have heard through the grape vine that the revolution R2 video Astro camera is suppost to give some half decent satisfactory results and your talking to someone who is purely an visual observer and apparently the main dealer is modern Astronomy for the camera. In the ideal world it would be nice to to go into long exsposure imaging however my meade LX90 is not really designed for long exsposure Astro imaging and would need a wedge most probably anyway as an alternative rother valley optics stated that I could do live stacking with my current scope and basically use one of the ZWO cameras as a video camera with live feed to laptop etc.however from a beginners perspective the time I purchased a ZWO camera of decent quality camera for planetary and deep sky half decent laptop with decent processing speed looking at best part of £1000 and from the very little clear nights we do get as I don,t have the luxury of an observatory of as yet don,t really fancy playing around with a laptop and imager in freezing cold just to discover made a silly mistake when processing data etc so would appreciate guys of any feed back the way to go and views and opinions 

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