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Filters for 130mm Newtonian - Advice needed

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Hello everybody,

I am a novice when it comes to astronomy. I have recently set up my first telescope - Celestron Astromaster 130EQ MD. I also have the Baader Q-turret bundle which includes 2.25 Barlow and 6,10,18mm orthos and 32mm Plossl.

I am trying to get the hang of it and learning how to align properly and of course collimate it!

I already had my first session and I really enjoyed it, even though it seems that my scope needs more adjustments before I can get the best observing. I am mostly interested in visual observations. And I would like to explore the solar system primarily, but I also want to see some DSOs in the same session. I have to add that I live in Class 4-5 level of light pollution and really want to explore such filters.


So I am looking for a filter or 2 of them which will give me the most compared to the investment. I read a lot about filters and it seems I will get the improvement which is most sought after for the beginner.

I tried observing the full moon, and it was a strain on the eyes, but I am looking forward to observing it again with a filter. I am also trying to get prepared for the upcoming Saturn, Jupiter and Mars seasons. I am willing to invest around 100-120€ for 2-3 filters, but could manage with a lesser investment. I do want to buy the highest quality, to last me a long time and provide the best viewing.

So the filters that I looked at were:

Planetary - 80A and 82A - I read that 130mm aperture will benefit from the 82A, but this apperture is at the limit, so bigger should benefit from the 80A. What would I gain by purchasing this filter? Which brand would you recommend I am looking at Lumicon 82A or Baader 80A?

Other filter that I was checking include:

- Baader Moon & Skyglow Neodymium

- ND (12,5%) but I am thinking that 25% will suit me better, I think the other will be too dark. Would the blue filter mentioned above be a better investment at this stage for me, rather than ND filter?


Which filter  would you recommend for my telescope.


Clear skies to all and thanks!

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The only filters that I use are O-III and UHC filters which enhance the views of nebulae. Oh, and special filters when observing the Sun in white light of course.

I have owned and used moon and planetary filters (coloured and specialist) a number of times over the years that I have been observing but, for me, they did not bring any benefits over observing without a filter.

I still keep a moon filter for when doing outreach if someone feels that they would like to use one. Even with my 12 inch scope though, I don't use a moon filter.

So by all means try some and see if they work for you (others will make recommendations I'm sure) but they are not a mandatory part of observing kit in my opinion, unless you wish to observe the sun in white light when they a suitable filter MUST be used of course.


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Hi there my young apprentice I see the list goes on lol sounds very Star Wars!? Anyway the topic at hand as good starting point and assuming your eyepieces are 1.25” thread OVL/skywatcher do a good little starter package for £30 this also includes a neutral density filter which is good on the moon and also planetary observing also various colours do certain things ie for venus blue,purple work well mind you venus rapidly vanishing in horizon now quite early in evening filters also work well with detecting bands of juipiter and Saturn etc regarding light pollution filters do work to a certain degree and gives you better contrasts of the night sky ie darker backgrounds however no miracle cure there another very good filter I recommend is an O111 filter this is a must on some nebula to even detect and planetary nebula this works well on the veil nebula in Cygnus and as you got better sky than I have should be a good partnership with your eyepieces 

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The Baader Moon and Skyglow is a good choice. High quality fora reasonable price and will assist with light pollution. I’ve never used any of the coloured filters so I’m no expert but they appear to be a waste of money to me as they are very niche and have limited use, only used on specific targets, you may want to consider the Baader Contrast Booster filter for planets. An O111 and a UHC are a must for nebulae I think

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Thank you all for your replies, you have been very helpful!

@Nebula It's very Star Wars-y, I do like  reference :)


So was reading a lot on the topic and saw the planetary filters being suggested for newbs like me. I will most likely start out with the Baader Sky and Glow, and add a Lumicon 82A which seems to be a good choice for my 130mm aperture.

I will definitely buy the OIII as all of you suggested but later and probably buy the Baader Contrast Booster along with it. That will most likely complete my filter collection for quite some time.


Thanks again and clear skies to you all!

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